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Latest activityEdit

  • new page Our Tainted World
    created by Laeht
    New page: Our Tainted World follows Quinne and
  • new page With You
    created by Laeht
    New page: With You follows Ishya'a and Talia who try to prevent a war from seizing the land.
  • new page Elemental Garden
    created by Laeht
    New page: Elemental Garden follows Althea as she searches for her missing friend.
  • new page Light Kingdom II
    created by Laeht
    New page: Light Kingdom II continues the journey of the Winged as they now searched for the secondary and tertiary Winged the looming threats of the guardians.
  • new page Light Kingdom I
    created by Laeht
    New page: Light Kingdom follows El, Eve, and Ella as the reclaim the world from the clutches of the Light Kingdom.
  • new page All to Nothing
    created by Laeht
    New page: All to Nothing follows the story of My and Noli and their challenges existing in a world that doesn't want Winged.
  • discussion page Welcome!
    comment by Sannse


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